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Three years into a focused safety program, they have spent C$67 million. Part of this program involves the acquisition of more Andian Hi-Rail geometry units.


Stephen Marich Lecture

Rail Geometry attends the annual Stephen Marich Lecture


Every year Monash University put on an annual lecture on rail.  The Stephen Marich Annual Lecture in Railway Engineering honours the contribution of Dr Stephen Marich to the railway industry over a period of 40 years. The annual lecture series is a key forum for sharing deep technical knowledge about railway engineering from leading experts in railway technology.

The 2017 Stephen Marich Annual Lecture in Railway Engineering entitled "New Inspection and Detection Technologies for Managing Track and Vehicles - Improving asset life and reducing derailments" was delivered by Gary Wolf, a leading international expert in this field (his details are below).  Gary mentioned Andian Technologies during his talk as an example of innovative technology.

  Gary P. Wolf

Biography: Gary has 46 year experience in the rail industry, including 17 years at Southern/Norfolk Southern Railway, 26 years as consultant and owner of Rail Sciences, and the last 3 years in Private Practice. Since 1975, Gary has focused on the analysis and prevention of derailments, and matters involving the wheel/rail interface. He has investigated over 4000 derailments worldwide and trained over 5000 railway professionals in the techniques of derailment investigation, track inspection, and vehicle inspection. In addition, Gary also practices in the areas of train operations and train dynamics, vehicle dynamics, and track maintenance and assessment. Gary has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Ohio University and a Master’s of Science from Georgia Tech in Industrial Management.

 “The relevance of current track maintenance standards to manage modern railways”.

Rail Geometry also recently attended a Monash University workshop on standards, where Gary Wolf was one of the speakers. Again he mentioned Andian Technologies geometry equipment and had several pictures of the product. The need for constant rail geometry measurement was mentioned many, many times during the workshop and it highlights the need to ‘see’ the track and to monitor changes – and to do predictive modelling to see when maintenance needs to be done – or when a failure is likely to occur. Andian Technologies rail geometry equipment is a great tool for this.

Monash University Workshop
CN has a focus on safety

Rail Geometry attends AusRial 2017

Rail Geometry attended AusRail representing Andian Technologies again in 2017. It was a great conference with many good speakers and an outstanding equipment display. We spent a lot of time on the stand of our service providing partner Speno, discussing rail geometry with many interested parties. Thanks to Rosalea and Track & Signal for the picture in their magazine.

AusRail 2017